Card Keywords

HexproofA creature with Hexproof cannot be the target of spells controlled by the opponent.
TerrifyA creature with Terrify can't be blocked except by Neutral creatures and creatures that share an element with it.
InvisibilityA creature with invisibility cannot be the target of spells or abilities (even his or her own).
PhasingEach turn, flip a coin. If heads then the creature is solid, while tails means that the creature is phased. While a creature is phased, it's treated as though it doesn't exist.
TankA creature with Tank has to be the target of any attacks. If there is more than 1 creature with taunt, you get to choose which to attack.
InterceptorCreatures with Interceptor can intercept attacks and spells at the controller’s choice.
ReadySpells with ready may be played any time.
FieldSpells with the Field ability, stay on the field until another field is played. Its effects affect all players.
HasteCreatures with the haste ability are able to attack on the turn a player gains control of them.
ReflectDeal x000 damage back to the attacker when hit.
BackupSearch your deck for another copy of this card and add it to your hand.
SwarmYou can summon another copy of this card from your deck. Mana costs still apply.
PackCreatures with the "Pack" keyword can combine their attack into 1 big attack. The damage is all added together and all effects are negated.
Mitigate xAll Damage dealt to cards, other than this card, is reduced by x000, and this card takes x000 Damage ignoring Armor
SaviourIf a creature you control is destroyed this turn, you can play this card for 1 less mana
ReanimateWhen this creature is destroyed, you can keep it on the field for its mana cost +1.